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    From vision to furnishing

    We could tell you a lot of reasons speaking in favour of Conen furniture. This is the number one: it fits! All other reasons we would like to show you in a counselling interview.

  • Solutions with system

    Furniture always serves a purpose. It is the tool for education, work or a meeting. The following rule always applies: the better the tool, the better the result.

  • Furnishing for every requirement

    Hardwood, smooth, medium brown, nail, horizontal, round, laminated, pine, stainless steel, grid shelf, centric, reddish, collapsible,… Our furniture is as manifold as your ideas. Together we will find what suits best to your wishes!

  • Conen furniture manufacturing

    For the manufacturing of our furniture we rely on our experienced and long-term partners from Austria as well as from our neighbouring countries. Take a look backstage.

Beratung & Planung


A successful project requires a professional approach. The team from Conen is keen to support you!
Interaktive Schultafel


We are integrating interactive boards in an ideally elaborated blackboard concept. Experience our interactive learning world!
ISO 9001 Logo


Conen GmbH is TÜV certified. The standard for quality management worldwide.